Yoplait Coupons 2013 FREE Printable Yoplait Coupons

Use NEW 2013 Yoplait Coupons And Save Money on Yoplait Yogurt & Smoothies!


My family and I LOVE Yoplait Yogurt and Smoothies, especially the Yoplait Light, so we are always on the lookout for the latest Yoplait Coupons.

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Yet, grocery coupons don’t always have a long period of use, and I have to keep looking for the newest Yoplait coupons for 2013 all the time!

I use a variety of ways to find printable Yoplait coupons which I will share with you.


Where to Find Best Printable Yoplait Coupons 2013


Yoplait Coupons Amazon

There are literally hundreds of “coupon” and “discounts” websites and blogs where you can find printable Yoplait Coupons. However, one of the best places to look first is the official Yoplait website! Yoplait’s official website coupons are actually powered by Coupon .com — a HUGE free printable coupon program.

On Coupon .com site there are over $100 worth of free printable coupons (many times including printable Yoplait Coupons) for groceries and drugstore items available on a daily basis.


However, my favorite discounts, deals and coupon website is Supermarket Giveaways because they have such a huge variety of printable coupons, many times, including Yoplait coupons.

Another place to check for yoplait printable coupons is the official Facebook page. Sometimes they offer their fans fantastic coupons, deals and discounts.


Find Yoplait Coupons At Supermarket Sites Online


Believe or not, your local supermarket chainstore, have website that offers Yoplait coupons, and even have Yoplait printable Coupons. The supermarket Safeway even delivers groceries in these states: California, Arizona, Maryland, Oregon, Virginia, Washington and Washington D.C and offer specials on your favorite Yoplait Yogurt.

Other well known grocery stores have websites too, like Publix, Albertson’s, Winn Dixie, Jon’s and more, have Yoplait coupons printable available, like buy one get one free, or 3 for $2.00, etc.

Well known drugstores also usually have one type or another of Yoplait yogurt in their fridge section, so their websites might run these Yoplait yogurt coupons promo’s too, from time to time.

It can really depend on the region of the United States you live in too as to whether a big grocery store or drugstore runs a promo. In addition, your own particular cities’ chainstore have coupons, whereas other stores within the chain, do not. So it is a good idea to check your favorite grocery store’s website and enter you zip to find out if they are offering Yoplait printable coupons for the week.


Online Yoplait Coupons 2013:


As I wrote above, some of the best places to find Yoplait coupons 2013 is online at coupon sites like Coupon .com as well as our favorite, Coolsavings.

There is one more place you might want to check, and that is “Select Coupons” website. As a free member, you are able to select up to $25 worth of coupons every month!


Why It is A Good Idea to Use Yoplait Printable Coupons


It’s a good idea to use Yoplait printable coupons because, well you save money. Yet, I realize, alot of people don’t like to take the time to search for them on a regular basis. They think that their time spent looking just is not being paid for by the amount received on the promos and deals they find.

Let’s look at it in a slightly different way. If you consistently use Yoplait coupons, you will consistently save money. This money adds up by year-end, right? In addition, some days it take you several minutes to find good deals, and other days you find them in an instant, so the time spent average out to be short and worthwhile based on the money you will save over the year.

Although this yogurt is not the most expensive yogurt to buy (there are a lot of gourmet yogurt products that are way more expensive than Yoplait’s!), it is not as cheap as, say the grocery store’s brand. While the grocery store’s brand be okay, it is just not as good as Yoplait’s (imo). So search and find a Yoplait Coupon, so you can get the BEST yogurt cheaper!


Creative Ways to Use Yoplait Coupons To Save Even More Money!


If you have ever watched TLC’s Extreme Couponing Television Show, you know that some dedicated “couponers” can really save alot of money … All of the Time! We have posted the first episode of Extreme Couponing below that can give you ideas on creative ways to use these coupons and other grocery coupons too.


One way these couponers are creative is going to the store when they offer double or triple off coupons for the day. That way, when the coupon is for $1.00 off, they actually will get $2.00 or even $3.00 off of the product. If the product costs less than $2 or $3, the difference can be applied to other products that they buy.

In addition, a great way to super save with coupons is to use the product’s company’s coupon with the store’s coupon when you checkout. This gives you huge savings too. For example, the Yoplait company have a $1.00 off 6 and the store you are shopping at have a 50% off coupon for Yoplait. Use both at the same time and they be giving YOU money at the checkout!

Find Yoplait Coupons Online Fast Checklist


Let’s go through finding Yoplait Coupons Fast Checklist

  1. Signup Free at Supermarket Giveaways free coupon program (our favorite)
  2. Signup Free at Coupon .com free printable coupon program
  3. Signup Free at Select Coupons free coupon program & select Yoplait Coupons when available
  4. Check Your Favorite Grocery Store’s Website for Weekly Yoplait Promos & Coupons
  5. Check Your Favorite DrugStore’s Website for Yoplait Coupons
  6. Check Yoplait’s Official Website for Yoplait deals and promos
  7. Check Yoplait’s Facebook page promos
  8. Use your coupons on Double & Triple Coupon days at your Store
  9. Use the company’s coupons at the same time as the store’s coupon


If you use the checklist above, you should have no problem finding new printable Yoplait Coupons 2013!


Check back often, because if I find anything new, I will definitely post it here! Remember this year, you can really save money at the store if you use Yoplait Coupons 2013 promos!


Use Yoplait Coupons in August 2013 to Save Money and Calories!

Yoplait Coupons Could Help You Lose Weight & Save Money!


The company Yoplait has come up with a great idea on how to lower daily calories. You can save money with Yoplait coupons July 2013 and “save” some calories in your diet with this fun challenge.

Yoplait suggests you swap a higher calorie snack for a delicious Yoplait Light Yogurt so says Yoplait’s facebook page. You could even save money if you find and use Yoplait Light Coupons if you decide to do this challenge!

Free Yoplait Coupons Program

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Use Printable Yoplait Coupons to Save on Yoplait Light and Lose Weight Too!


With printable Yoplait coupons you can save money with their Yoplait Light version of yogurt. The Yoplait company makes it easy for you to lose the calories and lose weight using their delicious Yoplait Light Yogurt.

You can find free printable Yoplait Coupons and or Yoplait Light Coupons

  1. Signup Free at Supermarket Giveaways free coupon program (our favorite)
  2. Signup Free at Coupon .com free printable coupon program
  3. Signup Free at Select Coupons free coupon program & select Yoplait Coupons when available
  4. Check our Find Yoplait Coupons post for even more suggestions.

Note: You are invited to signup to ALL the free printable coupons programs above and get a TON of valuable coupons free!


Yoplait Coupons AmazonTheir lose calories by eating Yoplait Light instead of a higher calorie snack challenge, was reported on by Marilyn Preston in her article on USAToday:

If you did nothing else but eat 100 fewer calories a day — mustard instead of mayo, carrots for chips, a glass of water instead of cola — you’d lose about 10 pounds over the course of a year.

And that got me thinking about our nation’s addiction to nutrition-free snacks. Snacking accounts for 25 percent of the calories we consume in a day. Holy Snickers! What do billions of dollars and gazillions of calories on mindless snacking add up to? Tight jeans and bloated bellies, not to mention skyrocketing rates of obesity, heart disease, diabetes and hypertension.

Change your snacks, and you can change your world, says Mr. Peanut, who must have rejoiced at Twinkie’s bankruptcy this month. All you need is to substitute healthy snacks for ones that are artificially sweetened, overly processed, basically fake. Here are 10 of my favorite snacks — all less than 200 calories..

Ms. Preston was motivated to change her snacking to Yoplait Light and other lower calorie food items by a Yoplait commercial she saw right after the Golden Globes:



How Many Calories Can You Save By Choosing Yoplait Light Using Yoplait Coupons?


You can potentially save a lot of calories if you choose Yoplait Light over the usual higher calorie, unhealthy snacks like candy bars, cake, donuts, etc. And, you can definitely save money with Yoplait Coupons!

You see, all Yoplait Light yogurt flavors have around 100 calories each container, with NO fat to boot! So, as an example, if your normal snack is a Snicker’s Candy Bar, which has 266 calories and 4.2 grams of Fat, and you choose a delicious Yoplait Light instead, you will be “losing” 166 AND 4.2 grams of fat.

Keep choosing no fat, low calorie, deliciously creamy Yoplait Light yogurt instead of higher calorie snacks on a daily basis, you will be able lose weight in no time!

Now if you are going to do this challenge, you will certainly want to save money on Yoplait Light, so make sure you get all the printable Yoplait Coupons you can find online!